LabPrints Album Builder LabPrints Album Builder

LP Album Builder: Convenient and fast! Just drag and drop to build matted albums and storyboard flush albums. The LP Album Builder contains mats from major album company manufacturers including Capri Album, Renaissance, Leather Craftsmen, Zookbinders and more.

The LP Album Builder is an add-on component of the LP Digital Studio software. When you download LP Digital Studio you automatically receive a 30-day free demo of the LP Album Builder and LP Composite Designer. Purchase LP Album Builder alone for $149 or as part of one our money saving product bundles. If you already purchased a previous version there is a $75 upgrade fee for Version 5.0.


LP Album Builder Matted Album Designer Features

LabPrints feature filled album design tools allow you to create entire album layouts quickly and easily.

  • Default mats allow you to design album pages around the photographs, as opposed to designing around the available layouts.
  • Drag and drop images between locations on the same page or other pages in the album.
  • Create a "favorites" list of your most frequently used mats.
  • Quickly swap between mats without adding and removing images.
  • Print structural and proof layouts of your album designs to send to your album company or have your customer sign-off on.
  • Every image used in the album is cropped and automatically ordered for you.
  • Zoom, reposition, and swap images freely within a page's layout.
  • View pages full screen or with our slide show tools.
  • An album summary that outlines the mats used and their quantities, the sequence of each mat, and the sequence of images used in the album.