LabPrints Digital Studio LP


Digital Studio LP™ Ordering & Workflow

LabPrints Digital Studio LP™ incorporates tools that allow you to quickly and easily organize, manage, and present your images. It also provides an interface for ordering prints and services through Bay Photo. There is no cost for using the ordering and workflow tools in Digital Studio LP™.

Streamlined Proofing LabPrints Digital Studio

  • View, crop, organize, and manage hundreds -even thousands- of images per job.
  • Digital Studio LP allows you to work with smaller copies of your high-resolution images, so you can store your original files, often several Gigabytes worth, on CDs or DVDs instead of taking up your computer's hard-drive space.
  • Open images in an external editor (e.g. Photoshop) for retouching.
  • Export low-res cropped images for use in other applications.

Image Comparison & Slide show Tools LabPrints Digital Studio

  • Use Digital Studio LP's image comparison tool to view images 6 up, to help your customers decide which images they want to order.
  • Quickly regroup images from the Image Comparison screen.
  • Preview images in B&W and Sepia tone.
  • Create slide shows to show your customers.

Ordering and Resolution Validation LabPrints Digital Studio

  • Digital Studio LP provides a quick and easy ordering interface for Bay Photo's print sizes and services.
  • Use our batch ordering tool to streamline the process of ordering large quantities of images.
  • Use the crop preview tool to accurately display the crop for each print size's aspect ratio.
  • Built-in resolution checking tools insure that your cropped image meets the recommended minimum resolution, specified by us, for each print size.

Invoicing LabPrints Digital Studio

  • Digital Studio LP generates an invoice for all prints you order, specifying details for size, quantity, and lab options.
  • Automatically totals print sizes, image orders, and your customers price.
  • Manage and archive orders and reorders.
  • Print order summaries and work orders.