CamLynx™ On Site Capture and Production Software

Whether you shoot school dances, youth sports, preschools, or seniors, or are a wedding photographer looking for ways to grow your business, Bay Photo Lab and CamLynx software can help. CamLynx from PhotoLynx® is an on-site capture and data collection system designed for the volume photographer of any size, including the photographer who wants to grow. Contact us today for a personal demonstration!

Key Features:

  • Name Images on Save using Record's data
  • Lightning-Fast Preview and Printing
  • Design any Custom Digital Service
  • Instant ID Cards and Proof Sheets
  • Same-Day CD Production using ImageMatch
  • Print Financial Reports
  • Print Labels and Camera Cards
  • Create Photo'd/Not Photo'd lists
  • Export Reports to PDF
  • On-Site Package Collection
  • Works with most Digital Cameras
  • Professional Digital Camera Support
  • Output to Digital and Conventional Printers
  • Flexible Package Entry system
  • Streamlines Digital School and Sport service production
  • Creates pre-aligned Jobs for ImageMatch
  • On-Line and Printed Documentation
  • Windows™ 2000, XP compatible
  • Unlimited Technical Support





Mr. Gray

Mr. Gray is software that will ensure that your images are exposed correctly from the start. As a photographer....why take the time and money to calibrate your monitor? If the image is not correct out of the camera, no amount of calibration is going to correct that image.

Mr. Gray is very simple to use!
  1. Shoot a gray card in the enviroment you will be shooting in.
  2. Open the image in Mr. Gray and it will tell you the adjustments you need to make for the exact exposure.
  3. Make your changes to Lights or Fstop and Rock 'n' Roll!
Mr. Gray
  • You can set Mr. Gray to tell you what adjustments to make in either F stops or Flash Distance. No light meter necessary! No more guessing by the image on the back of your camera or computer screen. Get perfect results every time!
  • Mr. Gray will help you remain consistent. Volume photographers, such as a school photographers, or photographers with multiple locations can use Mr. Gray to calibrate each camera at a shoot to ensure that all of your exposures match from camera to camera. If you have multiple cameras at different locations, you can ensure that each photographer is shooting exactly to your labs specifications. If you are training new photographers, Mr. Gray will help them make perfect exposures every time. It is so easy to use. You can have anyone shooting for you with great results!
  • Mr. Gray is perfect for any type of photography. It works great for:
    • Sports
    • Weddings
    • Events
    • Any type of photography

Coming Soon...

The PDA version gives you the power of Mr. Gray, but on the go. Take an image on your media card, insert it into a PDA and get an exact report on what adjustments to make for that perfect exposure!

Contact us for details and Purchasing!