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Bay ROES Tools & Tricks

Here you will find a list of the most important things to know when working with Bay ROES and the Pager Template Editor. For more detailed information, we highly recommend our video tutorials. Click here to learn more...

Top 5 Bay ROES Tools & Tricks

  1. Show the Sizes Palette to make browsing products easy. Hold down the <ALT> or <OPTION> key and click on the SIZE button.

  2. Explore your Options - Customize image color, add borders, and MUCH more in the Options Palette. Hold down the <ALT> or <OPTION> key and click OPTIONS.

  3. If the ADD TO ORDER button is grayed out, hold down the <ALT> or <OPTION> key to ADD WITH EMPTY.

  4. Switch Catalogs - For more products, including Albums and Press Printed Products, click on the CATALOGS button.

  5. View a Tutorial - Our Video Tutorials and FREE Live Tutorials can help you learn the ins-and-outs of Bay ROES in no time! CLICK HERE to learn more >>

Top 5 Pager Template Editor Tools & Tricks

  1. It's best to start with a clean layout. For the most reliable results, create your Pager Templates using a layout from the Standard Sizes tab, or choose one of the blank templates labeled "Use with Pager".

  2. To Select All nodes at once, right-click on a node and choose Select All.

  3. Easily create mirrored layouts with Flip Horizontal/Flip Vertical. Flip Horizontal/Flip Vertical flips the node bounds. You can use the "Select All" feature, then "Flip Horizontal" or "Flip Vertical" to easily create mirrored layouts. Images and shadows will not be flipped--only the bounds of the nodes themselves. Available by right-clicking on any Pager-enabled node.

  4. To Copy and Paste nodes from one layout to another, right-click on selected nodes and select Copy, then choose another template of any size from the Sizes Palette and right-click to Paste. Nodes will be automatically scaled to the new template size.

  5. Remember to backup your templates.xml.enc file! To avoid accidental loss of your Pager template designs, remember to periodically copy and paste the file called templates.xml.enc to another location on your hard drive. This file can be found in your .BayPhoto folder. For help locating your .BayPhoto folder, visit our FAQs page »

Bay ROES Tip of the Week Archive
In our email newsletters, we like to highlight a little-known feature of Bay ROES that can save you time and effort when working with Bay ROES, and allow you to enhance your template creation skills. Following are archived articles from the "Bay ROES Tip of the Week" section of our email newsletters. To sign up to receive our email newsletters, please email us.

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New Pager Tools & Features

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