New Pager Tools & Features

The Bay ROES Pager Template Editor gives you the ability to create and customize your own templates in Bay ROES. Pager is now more flexible and powerful than ever, with new tools and features:

  • Select All - Right-click on a node and choose Select All to select all nodes on the layout.
  • Flip Horizontal/Flip Vertical - Flips the node bounds. You can use the "Select All" feature, then "Flip Horizontal" or "Flip Vertical" to easily create mirrored layouts. Images and shadows will not be flipped--only the bounds of the nodes themselves. Available by right-clicking on any Pager-enabled node.
  • Copy and Paste - Right-click on selected nodes and select Copy, then choose another template of any size from the Sizes Palette and right-click to Paste. Nodes will be automatically scaled to the new template size.
  • Fonts Button - You can now use your own fonts in Pager-enabled text nodes by clicking on the new FONTS button in the Pager Tools Palette. When your order is sent to Bay Photo Lab, the text is rendered as a graphic, so the text appears on the final product exactly the way you added it. Please note, because text is rendered as a graphic, we cannot make changes to the text on the lab end--what you see on your screen is what will end up on the final print.
  • Add drop shadows to lab-created nodes via the Pager Shadows button. Previously, only nodes created by the customer could be shadowed.
  • Remember to backup your templates.xml.enc file! To avoid accidental loss of your Pager template designs, remember to periodically copy and paste the file called templates.xml.enc to another location on your hard drive. This file can be found in your .BayPhoto folder. For help locating your .BayPhoto folder, visit our FAQs page »