Bay Photo's Generic Online Catalog

Increase your product offerings, and your sales! This is an un-branded website, designed to give Pro Photographers an easy way to market Bay Photo's products and services to their clients. With our Generic Online Catalog, you can increase the range of products you offer to your clients, without having to worry about additional marketing costs.

Our Generic Online Catalog does not show prices or Bay Photo branding, so you can link to it directly from your website, or email a link to your customers. You can choose to offer all products, pre-defined groups of products such as Holiday items, or choose only the products you want to offer by linking to individual product pages.

To link to the full selection of products and services, use this url on your website:

To link to Cards and Calendar products only, use this url on your website:

To link to a PDF of Holiday Products only, use this url on your website:

To individually choose which products and services to offer to your clients, you can link to the individual pages using the following urls: