Creative Edge MetalPrints

Our optional Designer Borders are a great way to add color to any Creative Edge MetalPrint. Designer border templates are a free of charge and easy to use in Bay ROES. Choose one of our eight unique pre-made border designs, or drop in your own!

  • CE01 Rectangular
  • CE01 Square
  • CE02 Rectangular
  • CE02 Square
  • CE03 Rectangular
  • CE03 Square
  • CE04 Rectangular
  • CE04a Square
  • CE04 Rectangular
  • CE04b Square
  • CE05 Rectangular
  • CE05 Square
  • CE06 Square
  • CE07 Rectangular
  • CE07 Square
  • CE08 Rectangular
  • CE08 Square
  • CE14 Rectangular
  • CE15 Square
  • CE18 Square
  • CE24 Rectangular
  • CE24 Square
  • CE46 Rectangular

Designer Border Backgrounds

These Designer Borders can be applied to any of the Creative Edge MetalPrints listed above. You may also use your own border by selecting "Drop-in Border" in our ordering software, Bay ROES.