Matted & Framed Photographic Prints

Matted & Framed Photographic Prints Icon

Printing Options

Prints can be ordered with Mat only, Frame only, or Mat and Frame.

Choose from a Lustre or Metallic Print on Photo Paper. Optional Protective Coating, Lamination, and/or Texture can be added to the print. Photographic Canvas Prints are also available Framed.

Mount Options

Framed Prints are mounted on 1/4" Foam Board to ensure that the print does not warp. Canvas Prints on Gatorboard can also be framed with no acrylic and no mat.


An acrylic sheet can be added to protect the front of your Framed Print. This is a high-quality clear acrylic that is indistinguishable from glass when the framed print is mounted hung on the wall. Acrylic can be chosen on its own or with a mat. ***Note, it is not advised to use glass cleaner on acrylic, as it causes fogging.***

Single and Double Mats

Single or Double Mats can be selected on their own, or for Framed Prints with Acrylic. Mats are available in White, Off-White, or Black with single windows or multiple windows in various configurations depending on the frame size. For Double Mats, the Outer and Inner Mat colors are individually selectable.