Gallery Blocks™

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  1. Bay Photo is Pleased to Introduce Gallery Blocks!

    Gallery Blocks offer an incredibly unique way to display your artwork.
  2. Three-Dimensional Art

    Gallery Blocks allow you to combine text, color, photos and 3D visuals
    to create a stunning piece of art that will instantly impress.
  3. Easily Customize your Gallery Block through Bay ROES

    Utilize the power of our online ordering software, Bay ROES, to easily and efficiently create a Gallery Block
    presentation that is right for you. Learn more about Bay ROES by clicking on the "How to Order" tab.
  4. Quality Workmanship

    Gallery Blocks are made with a high-quality wood base. After the base is crafted, the prints are
    laminated onto the wood with professional-quality photo paper. The result is clean 90 degree
    corners and quality construction.
  5. No Assembly Required

    Your Gallery Block will be shipped to you 100% assembled, so you can hang it on your
    wall straight out of the box!
  6. Easy and Effective Cleaning

    All that is required to clean your Gallery Blocks is a damp cloth. Our lamination process ensures that
    you can clean and otherwise maintain your Gallery Blocks with minimal worry and effort.
  • Choose from a large number of Professionally Designed Templates or create your own!
  • Gallery Blocks are shipped 100% assembled, ready for display.
  • Our lamination process makes it easy to clean your Gallery Blocks with nothing more than a damp cloth.
  • Turnaround: 11 Business Days

Gallery Blocks bring together a unique combination of text, color, photos, and 3D construction to create a stunning display!

This innovative product begins with a high-quality wooden base (including raised side panels). Once the base is crafted, prints are carefully laminated onto the wood using professional-quality photo paper. This ensures clean corners and top-notch construction.

Gallery Blocks are easy to order and fully customizable using our online ordering software, Bay ROES. Each individual block and backing can be printed with your own images and artwork, or choose from several pre-designed templates.

Once ordered, your display will be shipped to you completely assembled, ready for quick and hassle-free hanging. Maintenance is also simple; the lamination process we use ensures that your display can be cleaned with a damp cloth.