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intensiTiles - Photo Wall Displays

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  1. intensiTiles 3 Piece Package

    The 3 Piece Package features three progressively larger square tiles: a 12x12 on an 18x18 on a 24x24.
  2. intensiTiles Trilogy Package

    The Trilogy Package combines a 9x24 back panel with three overlaid 6x6 tiles in a row.
  3. intensiTiles Quad Package

    The Quad Package features four 8x8 overlaid tiles on a 24x24 back panel.
  4. intensiTiles Assembly & Mounting

    intensiTiles offer effortless flexibility. Each tile can be easily changed or removed via a simple mount.
  5. intensiTiles Assembly & Mounting

    Keyholes in the back of each tile's mounting block make it easy
    to swap tiles as times change and children grow.
  6. intensiTiles Assembly & Mounting

    intensiTiles are delivered display-ready with mounting blocks attached.