intensiTiles™ - Reconfigurable Wall Displays

intensiTiles - Photo Wall Displays
intensiTiles Packages Size/Description Price with Lustre Prints
Trilogy Package 3-6x6 Tiles on a 9x24 Back Panel $91.33
Quad Package 4-8x8 Tiles on a 24x24 Back Panel $194.62
3 Piece Package 3 progressively larger Square Tiles:
1-12x12 on 1-18x18 on 1-24x24
Individual intensiTiles Price with Lustre Prints
6x6" Image Tile $14.99
8x8" Image Tile $21.50
12x12" Image Tile $30.95
18x18" Image Tile $74.00
Trilogy Back Panel $50.50
Quad Back Panel $116.00
3 Piece Back Panel $116.00
intensiTiles Individual Tile