Press Printed Photo Books - BayBooks

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Product Templates for Creating BayBook Designs in Photoshop

These blank templates can be downloaded and used as guides in Photoshop to create your own BayBook designs. The templates have the correct size, resolution, and trim/safe lines for printing through Bay Photo Lab.


How to Order BayBooks

Option 1: Design & Order Using Bay Designer

Bay Designer is our free, all-inclusive layout design software that helps you create beautiful, unique Albums and Books easily, with built-in ordering from Bay Photo.


Bay Designer - Album Layout, Design, & Ordering Software

Option 2: Order Using Bay ROES

BayBooks can be ordered in Bay ROES in the Press Printed BayBooks Catalog. We recommend this ordering option for people who are already comfortable using Bay ROES.

Both Full & No Color Correction in a simplified ordering interface.
Full Color Correction and the complete selection of products & features.
No Color Correction
(you manage your color).