Competition Prints

Competition Prints
  • Available on Kodak Endura, Metallic or Fuji Pearl photo paper, with optional foamboard mounting.
  • Competition Prints are darkened by approximately 20% for a better-looking image under bright competition lighting.
  • We know Competition Prints are a reflection of you, so we want to make them look as good as possible for the judges. This means we may require additional time to create these stunning prints. Please allow for longer turnaround times.

Bay Photo's award-winning Competition Prints are individually created by our most experienced technicians.

Printed on Kodak Endura Glossy paper; Metallic and Fuji Pearl are optional. Mounted on strong and durable foamboard that meets competition standards. Prints ordered through the Full Color Correction version of Bay ROES are adjusted for competition lighting.

Please Note: Color Corrected Competition Prints are printed for PPA competition which uses very intense lights on the prints being judged. Therefore they are generally printed about 20% darker than prints for normal viewing. Of course high key etc. are taken into consideration.

Economy Non Color Corrected orders are not modified by us. To order Economy Non Color Corrected Competition Prints, use the Economy Version of Bay ROES.