SmugMug Pro and Bay Photo Lab: The Perfect Pair
SmugMug Pro & Bay Photo Lab: Beautifully Proof, Sell and Print

SmugMug Pro and Bay Photo Lab have teamed up to bring you an all-in-one online photo solution. You'll get impressive galleries, luscious slideshows, your own look and brand, unlimited storage and traffic, a wealth of ecommerce and marketing tools, and integration with your favorite pro lab!

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What is SmugMug?Who is it for?Why SmugMug?
SmugMug is the complete online proofing, ecommerce and archiving solution for pro photographers who want to streamline their print
workflow with Bay Photo.
The pro photographer who wants an integrated, impressive all-in-one online portfolio and selling solution that is also
easy to use and manage.
You get an outstanding customizable portfolio, gorgeous galleries, full pricing control, robust security options and seamless integration with Bay Photo so you can look your best with the lab you love.