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Entering/Updating Your Customer Information in Bay ROES

The Customer Information associated with your orders can be entered or modified in Bay ROES by clicking on the "My Information" button. If you are launching Bay ROES for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your Customer Information as soon as the software has loaded.

Please note, if you are updating the default billing or shipping information associated with your account, you will need to update both the "My Information" area in Bay ROES, and your Account Information in (learn more).

My Information - Bay ROES Complete   My Information - Bay ROES Light
In the Complete versions of Bay ROES, the "My Information" button is located near the bottom of the main window, under the "Add to Order" button (larger view).   In the Light versions of Bay ROES, the "My Information" button is located near the top of the main window, to the right of the Bay Photo logo (larger view).

It is very important that you do not use special characters when filling out the Customer Information form in ROES. Special characters include the following: ~ ` ^ : & * ( ) | ' " , ? © [ ] < >

  • Customer InformationEmail
    This is the email address that your Order Confirmation Emails will be sent to.
  • Name / Studio Name
    The Name or Studio Name associated with your account.
  • Bay Account # or NEWUSER
    Your Bay Account Number is the Customer Number you receive when you fill out the New Customer Account Request. If you do not know your Customer Number, please call 1-800-435-6686 to request it.

    While we recommend that you request a Bay Photo Account so that you can take advantage of our full range of online order tracking features, it is not required to use Bay ROES. Simply enter NEWUSER in the "Bay Account #" field.
  • Address, City, State, Zip
    If you DO NOT have a Bay Photo Account, this is the address that your order will be shipped to, unless you specify a Drop Ship Address in the Order Options under ORDER REVIEW.

    If you have a Bay Photo Account, the address stored in ROES is for informational purposes only. The Shipping and Billing Address associated with your account will override the information entered here, though we do ask that you keep the address in Bay ROES current. To update your Shipping and/or Billing Address on file, please login to
  • Phone Number
    This is the Phone Number we will call if we have any questions about your order.

You will only need to enter this information once--it will be save for future uses of Bay ROES. To change this information at any time, click on the "My Information" button.



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