Ordering Album Pages

You will need to include the correct number of album pages for the album that you have in your order. Each album page accommodates two prints--one mounted on each side of the page. Panoramic prints span two sides each, and can only be used for the inside pages as shown below.

Bay ROES offers three convenient ways to create your album pages:

  1. Choose from hundreds of existing template designs in a variety of sizes. Select a custom stroke color, background color, background opacity, and more. To view available styles, click here.
  2. Use your own flattened designs. Simply drag-and-drop them into the print size of your choice and click ADD TO ORDER.
  3. Create your own template designs using the Bay ROES Designer Suite.
NOTE: Pacific and Kingston Albums require that pages be trimmed by approximately 1/8" on all sides. For best results, keep all borders, strokes, and other essential design elements at least 1/4" from the edges of the print.


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