Bay ROES Complete Features - Overview

Bay ROES Complete is a powerful collection of software that makes it easy to send orders to Bay Photo Lab. Bay ROES will save you time and money--regardless of whether you shoot film, digital, or both. Our software offers access to a wide range of products and features to assist you in ordering proofs and prints, designing albums, and even displaying and selling your images on the internet using any of several e-commerce solutions that we've made available. Bay ROES is your path to a more efficient workflow.Bay ROES Features

Bay ROES Complete is full of powerful features designed specifically to help professional photographers excel in their business. Unlike most web-based print ordering systems, Bay ROES gives you complete control of your images. You can quickly alter the crop and rotation of your photos, add options such as BW or Sepia, add borders of any color, and choose from hundreds of print sizes, templates, and mounting options including greeting cards, calendars, album pages, canvas prints, collages, digital double mats, sports templates, and much more.

  • Images are printed on professional grade photo paper. Four surfaces to choose from: Kodak Professional Lustre "E", Glossy "F", and Metallic, as well as Fuji Pearl for prints 16x20 and larger.
  • Custom crop and rotation.
  • Wide selection of print sizes and package prints.
  • Hundreds of templates, including album prints, proof books, greeting cards, calendars, and much more.
  • Powerful album designer!
  • Modify existing templates or create your own with ROES Pager.
  • Easily create specialty items, including press-printed greeting cards and DVD slideshows.
  • Full range of retouching options.
  • Choose from many finishing services including mounting, canvas mounting, bevel mounting, protective coating & more.
  • Set any image to print as black and white or sepia.
  • Choose your preferred level of color management: Full Color Correction or Economy No Color Correction.
  • Compare images and create slideshows with ROES Presenter.
  • PC or Mac OSX compatible.
  • Upload orders over the internet, or save to a CD.
  • Send order immediately, or save to your hard drive for completion at a later date.
  • Pick-up prints at a Bay Photo location near you, or choose to have them drop shipped.
  • Prints are available for pick-up or shipping the next business day.