How can I add my Studio Logo to a product?

Studio logos can be added to select products in ROES automatically once the studio logo has been placed on file with Bay Photo Lab. To be sure that the logo prints properly, we ask that you follow our logo submission guidelines.

Logo submission guidelines:

  • Logo must be black & white or grayscale
  • Black areas of the logo will display the logo color, gray will be semi-opaque, & white will be completely transparent on the final print
  • Logos should be saved as high-quality JPEGs
  • Size of logo graphic should be 1000 pixels on the longest side, at 250 pixels per inch

To send your logo to Bay Photo Lab for use with ROES:

  1. Once you have prepared your file according to the above guidelines, ROES can be used to send the file to Bay. In ROES, use the Folders button to navigate to the folder on your computer containing the logo.
  2. Go to the Standard Sizes -> Logo Prints tab.
  3. Select the DROP BOX - To Send Us Logos Only product.
  4. Drag your logo file from the Image Area to the area provided in the product.
  5. Click the Add to Order button, and send the order to Bay Photo.
  6. Once we have confirmed that your logo has been received and is formatted correctly, you can use the Logo Options in the Options Palette to set the layout's position and color on your desired products. Note: Logo Options are available on the products in the Standard Sizes -> Logo Prints tab.

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