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Troubleshooting Bay ROES

The Bay ROES application is based on Java: a programming language used in numerous cross-platform applications. Most issues with running the Bay ROES application on your computer can be solved by following the steps below...

First Steps to Troubleshooting Issues with the ROES Application

Check for multiple Java versions:

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Launch the "Add or Remove Programs" control panel
  3. Examine the list for any items with Java in the name. You should only have one version installed, "Java(TM) 6 Update 27".
  4. If you have other versions installed then you should remove them.

Installing the latest Java:

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the instructions to download the installer
  3. When the download finishes, launch the installer
  4. Follow the steps to install Java

Clear your Java cache (Windows):

  1. Go to your Control Panel
  2. Double click on the Java icon (If you don't see a Java control panel, click the "Switch to Classic View" link on the left side of the window)
  3. Click the "Settings" button in the "Temporary Internet Files" block
  4. In the window that spawns, click the "Delete Files..." button
  5. Leave both boxes checked and click "Ok" in the next dialog

Clear your Java cache (Mac):

  1. Launch the Finder
  2. If you have OS X 10.7 or higher, browse to: Applications > System Preferences > Java
    For OS X 10.6.8 and earlier, browse to: Applications -> Utilities -> Java Preferences
  3. Launch Java Preferences
  4. Select the Network tab -> Click the "Delete Files" button
  5. Leave all items checked and click "Ok"
Launching ROES on Windows

The ROES Client uses an ActiveX tag on Internet Explorer for Windows to automatically download Java & install it on your machine. If your security settings prevent this, you can either alter the settings or download and install Java manually.

To alter the security settings: Open an Internet Explorer window & go to "Tools">"Internet Options", select the "Security" tab, click the "Custom Level" button, scroll to "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins" & select "Enable".


Launching ROES on Mac

Mac OS X comes with a version of Java installed. For lower memory usage & faster image manipulation users of 10.2.4 and higher should download the latest Java Updates via the Mac Software Update. ROES will work under older versions of Java available on OS X as well.


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