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Placing Your First Order Using Bay ROES Complete

Bay ROES is our most popular and powerful print ordering software. Whether you are new to Bay Photo Lab, ROES, or both, we highly recommend reviewing the following steps to help you get up and running.

Step 1 - View a Tutorial

For the best experience with Bay ROES, we highly recommend that you view our Bay ROES Complete Quickstart Video Tutorial. This is a streaming video that plays directly in your internet browser window; there is no additional software required to view the video.

Step 2 - Launching ROES for the First Time

We offer different versions of the Bay ROES software to cover the wide range of product and color management needs of professional photographers. Visit our Bay ROES page to learn more about the versions of ROES that we have available, or click here to launch our most popular version: Bay ROES Professional with Full Color Correction.

  • Windows Users: Java from Sun Microsystems is required to run Bay ROES. If you do not already have Java installed, Bay ROES will attempt to download and install it on your computer.
  • Mac Users: We recommend using ROES with OSX 10.6 or higher. Java is included in the OS X software and will not be downloaded with the ROES application. To ensure that you have the latest Java release available for your version of OS X, click on the Apple Menu and select "Software Update..."
  • Learn more about ROES System Requirements...
  • Troubleshooting Launch Issues...

Step 3 - Entering Your Customer Information

Once you have successfully launched ROES for the first time, you will see a dialog box prompting you to enter your Customer Information. It is very important that you do not use special characters when filling out the Customer Information form in ROES. Special characters include the following: ~ ` ^ : & * ( ) | ' " , ? © [ ] < >

  • Customer InformationEmail
    This is the email address that your Order Confirmation Emails will be sent to.
  • Name / Studio Name
    The Name or Studio Name associated with your account.
  • Bay Account # or NEWUSER
    Your Bay Account Number is the Customer Number you receive when you fill out the New Customer Account Request. If you do not know your Customer Number, please call 1-800-435-6686 to request it.

    While we recommend that you request a Bay Photo Account so that you can take advantage of our full range of online order tracking features, it is not required to use Bay ROES. Simply enter NEWUSER in the "Bay Account #" field.
  • Address, City, State, Zip
    If you DO NOT have a Bay Photo Account, this is the address that your order will be shipped to, unless you specify a Drop Ship Address in the Order Options under ORDER REVIEW.

    If you have a Bay Photo Account, the address stored in ROES is for informational purposes only. The Shipping and Billing Address associated with your account will override the information entered here. To update your Shipping and/or Billing Address on file, please login to
  • Phone Number
    This is the Phone Number we will call if we have any questions about your order.

You will only need to enter this information once--it will be save for future uses of Bay ROES. To change this information at any time, click on the MY INFORMATION button at the bottom of the main ROES screen.

You are Now Ready to Create an Order!

For detailed information about how to use the Bay ROES Ordering Software, please visit our Tutorials page. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

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