The Bay Photo App for iPhone & Android

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Keep on top of your outstanding and recently processed orders. The Bay Photo Lab App is an order status/tracking application that helps you keep track of your account at Bay Photo. It has a simple interface that lets you see orders that are in the lab and their due dates. You can also see what has shipped in the past 45 days, including how it was shipped with tracking numbers and links to get tracking status.

Bay Photo App Features:

  • Use your Customer Number and Password to access your order information from the last 45 days.
  • Shows the Order Reference Number, Description, Order Number, Received Date, Estimated Ship Date, Actual Ship Date, Carrier, Tracking Information, and Invoice Amount.
  • View a list of orders filtered by Orders in Lab, Recently Shipped, or All Orders.
  • Sort list by Reference Number, Description or Status.
  • Search by Description and Reference Number.
  • Quick Links to our Website and to Contact Customer Service.