Yard Signs

Personalize your message and display it for everyone to see!

Congratulate a Graduate, sell a house, tell a joke, or take a stand!

Options abound with our new Yard Signs, fully customizable with your images or artwork! Yard Signs are printed using UV inks on corrugated plastic, making them durable and weatherproof for a season of outdoor use. Each Sign comes with a metal H-stand for easy display in the ground.

Simple, Effective Display

Yard Signs are horizontal and include a Metal ‘H’ Stand that easy to insert in the ground. Printed using UV inks on corrugated plastic, Yard Signs are a durable and weatherproof solution for short-term, yet effective, display. If you are looking for a longer-term outdoor signage solution check out our MetalPrints and Performance EXT MetalPrints.

Customized Yard Signs make it easy to display your message on a lawn or other outdoor area.

Sizes & Prices

Size Price
18x24 Yard Sign with H-Stake $18.50
30x40 Yard Sign with H-Stake $34.00


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