Boutique Packaging

A beautifully polished presentation for your prints.

Boutique Photo Packaging can be added to most standard size print orders for the perfect finishing touch.

Available in varying sizes and depths to accommodate a wide range of orders. Boutique Packaging can easily be chosen in the cart when ordering, and is especially useful for Drop Ship orders. Select your desired color option and we will choose the size packaging that best fits your order.

Boutique Packaging

Boutique Box Packaging

Your prints deserve a beautifully polished presentation. Our Boutique Photo Packaging can be added to most standard size print orders. Available in sizes 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20 in varying depths.

Boutique Folder Packaging

Used for smaller orders of less than 20 prints. Crafted from textured paper stock, Boutique Folders are enclosed with natural raffia or an eco-friendly paper ribbon. Prints are in clear bags within the folder (no tissue paper included).

Sizes & Prices

When you order Boutique Packaging we will use the packaging that best fits the largest size print in your order. Boutique Packaging can be ordered for most products, including 16x20 and smaller Photo Prints, ThinWraps, MetalPrints, Fine Art Prints, Stretch and Loose Canvas, Canvas Board, Matted Prints, BayBooks, CD/DVD and USB Cases, Cards, and Photo Gifts. Boutique Packaging may not be available for some items such as Proof Boxes. If you're not sure whether Boutique Packaging is right for your order, ask us.

Boutique Packaging Size Price
Up to 11x14 Packaging $6.25
16x20 (Chocolate Boutique Box with Coffee Eco Ribbon Only) $11.50


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