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We offer a variety of support options to enable you to get the help you need. For additional support options, including Video Tutorials, please click here or email support@bayphoto.com for more information.

Remote Troubleshooting

Remote Troubleshooting enables a Bay Photo technician to access your computer to assist you with troubleshooting and/or provide live tutorials. The Bay Photo technician will take control of your computer and you will also retain control. This control is only for one session, once we log off we cannot get back into your system without your approval. Please email live@bayphoto.com for more information on this effective and secure Customer Support tool.

STEP 1: Contact a Bay Photo Lab Customer Service Representative to arrange a Remote Troubleshooting Session.

STEP 2: After following Step 1

  • Only when instructed by a Bay Photo Customer Service Representative, enter your name below and then click on Connect to Technician.
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