Curved MetalPrints

A sleek and modern MetalPrint that stands on its own!

Get with the curve.

Take MetalPrints off the wall and onto your desk or tabletop! This unique option features our durable MetalPrints infused with vibrant colors, brilliant luminescence, and exceptional detail, curved into a convex or concave form for a free-standing display.

Curved MetalPrints Table Top Display

Two Curve Types That Stand Alone

Curved MetalPrints stand on their own on any flat surface.


The front of the MetalPrint is curved inward.


The front of the MetalPrint is curved outward.

Your Choice of Four Corner Treatments

Sharp Square

Sharp Square

Default option.


1/8" Rounded *



3/16" Rounded *

More noticeable.


Scalloped *


Sizes & Prices

Prices include High Gloss, Satin, Sheer-Matte or Sheer Glossy Surfaces and Square Corners. add $2 to print price for Mid-Gloss Surface or Rounded or Scalloped Corners. Performance EXT Metal is in addition to the print price and is available in High Gloss Surface only.

Curved MetalPrints
Print Size Print Price Performance EXT Metal
4x6 $12.65 + $2.75
4x8 $16.68 -
4x12 $20.70 + $4.50
5x5 $18.40 + $4.00
5x7 $19.55 + $4.25
5x10 $20.70 + $6.50
8x8 $19.55 + $4.25
8x10 $23.00 + $5.00
8x12 $29.90 + $6.50
8x24 $52.90 + $11.50
11x14 $48.30 + $10.50
12x18 $56.35 + $12.25


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