LabPrints Composite Designer LabPrints Composite Designer

The LabPrints Composite Designer allows you to create composite images for use in flush albums, greeting cards, calendars, magazine covers, or even custom vignettes. Includes over 400 templates, or you can design your own. You can also import Photoshop PSD files as the building blocks for templates.

The LP Composite Designer gives you the freedom to add, remove, and even move image layers as you are designing your composite image. Best of all, Bay Photo Lab can individually color correct the images used in your composite before they print it!

The LP Composite Designer is an add-on component to the LP Digital Studio. When you download LP Digital Studio you automatically receive a 30-day free demo of the LP Composite Designer and LP Album Builder. Purchase LP Composite Designer alone for $149 or as part of one of our money saving product bundles. If you already purchased a previous version there is a $75 upgrade fee for Version 5.0.


LP Composite Designer Features
Fig 1. Main Design Screen
Composite Designer
  1. Add, remove, and reposition image areas on your image composites.
  2. Utilize the tools to lock layers or display a ruler with a "snap to grid" feature that makes it easy to align and position your images in your layout.
  3. Add text to your composite images.
  4. Tint individual images, artwork, or even the entire composite.
  5. Change the opacity on each individual image area.
  6. Use the effects tools to add a drop shadow; you can modify the blur radius, color, position, and opacity of the shadow.
  7. Add borders to your images.
  8. Sort layouts by groups, number of images per page, and aspect ratio to make it easier to locate your the layout you're looking for.
  9. Quickly preview and reopen the composite images you create.

    Fig 2. Individual Image Cropping Screen
    Composite Designer

  10. Use a rubber band cropping tool for setting the crop on each image in the composite exactly where you want it.
  11. Set individual images to B&W or Sepia.
  12. Order retouching services on individual images used in your composites.
  13. Open individual images in an external editor (e.g. Photoshop).

    Fig 3. Manage Templates Screen
    Composite Designer

  14. Create your own groups to classify existing or your own layouts.
  15. Export layouts to transfer between computers or share with other photographers.
  16. Import layouts for use in your Template / Flush Album Designer.
LP Composite Designer Video Overview

Composite Designer Video OverviewA Must See!
Watch a brief 6 minute overview of the Template / Flush Album Designer!