Troubleshooting Common Image Display Issues in Bay ROES

Why do some of my images look like color negatives when added to nodes in ROES?

Some image editing programs (Breeze Browser, etc.) can cause this when they are used to rotate images or perform some other functions. The images are sent to Bay Photo properly, and will print without problems. To fix the way the images appear in ROES, open the images in Photoshop and do a "Save As" to save a new copy of the file. A Photoshop Batch Action can be used to automate this process. We recommend checking that the problem exists in ROES before re-saving the files as the problem is not necessarily consistent.

I am seeing some images in Bay ROES turn dark, red, or not appearing at all when trying to put them into a product - what causes this?

Different cameras and their image extraction software will occasionally embed a non-RGB colorspace (like CMYK or proprietary ones) or add EXIF header data. In these cases, while the thumbnails appear fine, Java is unable to render the full image into a product - they will appear darkened, hued, or not render at all. This issue has occurred since the release of Java 1.5, so removing all Java versions and launching the ROES Client from the Bay Photo website will prompt to install the final Java 1.4 version. Java 1.4 did not have any issues handling the non-standard colorspace and renders the image fine upon placement into a product. Alternately, converting these images to standard sRGB in Photoshop and/or removing the EXIF header data will allow the image to be rendered in a product.


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